Yolande Grill

Yolande Grill


Yolande Grill has over  30 years of experience working in the Information Technology and Computer Industry.  She is an entrepreneur and currently the COO of InfoSol Inc. – a Worldwide Business Intelligence Solutions Provider.  Yolande is passionate about transforming corporate culture and working towards making our workplaces worthy of our children.  She is a champion of mindfulness, social justice, peace, and a world that works for all.

KEYNOTE: To Infinity and Beyond!  Sustainability, Regeneration, and Limitless Imagination

A deep conversation with Ryan Mores and Ashley Wiseman from GreenLight Solutions Foundation about creating the future we want by measuring what counts.  In the endeavor of figuring out how to quantify something, the seeds of transformation are planted.   What emerges comes from an attitude of curiosity and limitless imagination.

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