Surya Poudel

Surya Poudel

BO Admin/Technical Analyst, Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Arizona

Surya Poudel is a BO/Infoburst Admin and Technical Analyst and works for Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Arizona.  Healthcare and Insurance Industries are his preferences since the beginning of his career. He worked as a Data Analyst consultant around the US in several healthcare/Insurance companies including CMS, Anthem, Tufts Health Plan.  He had been extensively involved to upgrade the legacy BO XIR2 to BO 4.2 while with the current company. Passionate about learning more SAP products and getting more into BI and applications administrator.

Using InfoBurst at its Fullest – Case Study 

Every single company has their own way to deal with the reporting system. The health care companies has to work with different parties including vendors, customers, providers, government agencies and it could be a disaster if they cannot deliver the required reports in time. To manage the report delivery system, Infoburst plays big roles in day-to-day business. The tool […]

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