Sunny Wight

Sunny Wight

Co-Founder and Executive Director

Sunny created Mindfulness First after experiencing a stress-related breakdown and illnesses from which she used mindfulness to recover and completely transform her life. Sunny is conventionally qualified with a Bachelor’s Degree, 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training and Mindful Schools Fundamentals/Curriculum Training: with a prior career in PR. She is passionate about nurturing critical thinking in others and creating equitable and collaborative work environments; all by-products of mindful living. Sunny is married with 2 teenage children.

Mindfulness First

Sunny will share the mission, work and impact of Mindfulness First, an Arizona 501c3 nonprofit who help schools, businesses and communities learn practical life-skills for good mental health. We’ll learn about the biology of stress and take a moment to practice a relaxation exercise. We’ll look at the data that’s driving this work, and the […]

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