Noe Garcia

Noe Garcia

Director, USPI Data & Analytics, Tenet Healthcare

Noe Garcia has been immersed in the world of Business Intelligence since 2005. With an expertise in SAP Business Objects and InfoBurst, Noe has developed and implemented many different types of BI solutions for the Health Care, Retail, and Pharmaceutical industry. From creating award-winning dashboards to helping build BI departments from the ground up, Noe’s passion for BI continues to help companies thrive and succeed, one solution at a time.

Daily Operations, Daily Frustrations: The Story of the Daily MTD Ops Dashboard

Once upon a time, in a land before COVID, USPI’s need for tracking daily operations data was considered a “nice to have” feature. However, once the pandemic hit and patients began cancelling cases at our surgery centers on a daily basis, leadership was left scrambling for answers. The solution? The BI team was to build […]

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