Niveditha Poli

Niveditha Poli

BI Developer, MobileMini Inc

Niveditha has been a BI Developer at MobileMini since the past 5 years, providing cutting-edge solutions through Business Intelligence. She strives to be on the top by proactively engaging and equipping herself with latest advancements in the field. She has a penchant for continuously learning and growing.

Prior to joining MobileMini, she had worked with the finest Financial Companies in the world like HSBC for over three years. She holds a Masters and Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science.

Enhancing Tableau through Webi

It is an everyday encounter for many of the customers to manage large SAP BusinessObject portals in addition to their Tableau heaven. In this session we will see how can we access Webi data from Tableau using Open document & Infoburst and how it all works behind the scenes. 

The InfoBurst Experience