Michelle O’Loughlin

Michelle O’Loughlin

Design and UX Consultant, InfoSol Ltd

Michelle O’Loughlin is a Design and UX consultant for InfoSol Ltd in the UK. She has over 15 years experience as a digital graphic designer, specialising in creating web and mobile interfaces and brand experiences. Since joining InfoSol Ltd in 2018, Michelle has encouraged a more user-centric design process to help ensure design solutions are both intuitive and engaging. She’s currently working on a new UI and experience design for several of InfoSol’s products.

Eight Steps to a Better Dashboard Design

In this session we’ll take you through 8 simple steps you can take to improve your dashboard design. With a focus on good design and user experience, we’ll explain best practice techniques and design theory that you can apply to your own dashboard.

BI Dashboards and Data Visualization