Michael Pawloski

Michael Pawloski

Business Intelligence Technical Architect, Mitsubishi Motors North America

Michael Pawloski is a business intelligence technical architect at Mitsubishi Motors North America.  He has 17 years’ experience working in data warehouse and business intelligence with experience in a wide range of technical and business skills from application upgrades and administration, data design, implementation and support of ETL and business intelligence technologies including Informatica, SAP Business Objects and Infosol Infoburst applications.

Mitsubishi’s Vehicle Sales Executive Dashboard – Finding a solution to hand carried reports

Previously, critical vehicle sales reports were printed and hand delivered each morning to key executives. Mitsubishi Motors was moving to new offices in Franklin, Tenn. Without printing capability in Franklin we needed to find an alternative that provided the same key performance indicators executives used from each of the reports. So, we created a Vehicle […]

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