Kirc Breden

Kirc Breden

Enterprise SAP BusinessObjects Administrator, Raytheon Technologies

Kirc Breden started his career in Business Intelligence in 1996 at Motorola Computer Group in Tempe, Arizona. Over the last 22 years, Kirc has worked with nearly every business model known and brought innovative solutions to the same. Currently, Kirc is the Enterprise BusinessObjects Administrator for a major defense contractor, operating, maintaining, upgrading and supporting the SAP BusinessObjects suite of tools for roughly, eighty-five thousand users.

Automation of Maintenance Tasks with help from the OS

Tired of late nights on-call having to restart servers every week because, well, stability of the system, and Windows Server isn’t easy to say in the same breath? Well, I’m not here to tell you to move to Linux, but what I am here for, is to help you automate your way out of those […]

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