Donnie Jobe

Donnie Jobe

Senior Vehicle Systems Specialist

Donnie Jobe is the Senior Vehicle Systems Specialist in Sales Operations for Mitsubishi Motors North America. He has been an SAP Web Intelligence user for 5 years creating reports and dashboards for multiple departments and executive management. He has been in the automotive industry for 14 years holding positions in Logistics, Product Planning, Marketing and Sales Operations between Mitsubishi and Suzuki. His technical skills comes from studying Technology and Operations Management at Cal Poly Pomona and working as an Oracle Database Consultant implementing custom solutions for his clients in Oracle E-Business Suite and APEX.

Mitsubishi’s Vehicle Sales Executive Dashboard – Finding a solution to hand carried reports

Previously, critical vehicle sales reports were printed and hand delivered each morning to key executives. Mitsubishi Motors was moving to new offices in Franklin, Tenn. Without printing capability in Franklin we needed to find an alternative that provided the same key performance indicators executives used from each of the reports. So, we created a Vehicle […]

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