Brian Malone

Brian Malone

BusinessObjects Universe Developer ATO Safety & Technical Training, FAA

Brian Malone has been working with BusinessObjects for over 15 years. He started as an SQL and Crystal Reports developer shortly before BusinessObjects acquired Crystal Decisions and subsequently started working with BusinessObjects. He has developed Universes, WEBI reports, SQL, and Crystal reports for XM Satellite radio for 6 years. Brian then took a job with a small insurance company providing insurance to colleges and universities at United Educators. He many hats there as it was a very small company. He developed the ETL (using mostly stored procedures), developed SQL, Universes, reports, and administered the system for 7 years. He had the BusinessObjects Edge system and utilized InfoSol’s InfoBurst product at United Educators. InfoSol installed and developed United Educators system. That is where Brian met Paul Grill and attended IBIS in 2013. Currently, Brian has been working with the FAA for 3 years where he develops and maintains Universes. He also assists with ETL (BusinessObjects Data Services) and troubleshooting report issues. He also teaches Web Intelligence classes once a month. He has converted many UDT universes to IDT, both at United Educators and now at FAA and has completed around 20 such conversions.

The Pros and Cons of Converting Universes to IDT – A User’s Perspective

It is estimated that up to 40% of BusinessObjects users have not converted even 1 UDT universe to an IDT Universe. Yet SAP has made it clear that UDT will be going out of support in the next couple of years. So now is the time to start converting to IDT. This information-packed session will […]

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