Webi Dashboard Boot Camp: Module 5 – Webi Dashboards Boot Camp: Geomapping, Vector Graphics & Custom Elements

This module will cover bringing in some more customization with additional charts, graphics and geomapping opportunities.  For geomapping we will cover linking to google maps and functionality of existing mapping in Webi, we will also cover custom mapping with SVGs and even animated logos!  For custom elements, there are a variety of add-ons available in the market place that we will demo for consideration in improving your Webi charting portfolio.  With all these charts to choose from, we will also take this time to cover a little of when to use which chart type to convey what message.

Intended Audience:  Prior experience with Web Intelligence is recommended.

Major Topics Include:

  • Default geomapping options
  • Custom geomapping options
  • Using Vector Graphics in Web Intelligence
  • Demo of using Custom charts
  • When to Use Which Chart

View the Full Agenda:

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