Webi 4.2 to Webi 4.3 Differences – Mastering the New Webi 4.3 User Interface

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Course Description

This one-day hands-on course will cover the core differences between workflows and functionality between WebI Intelligence 4.2 and the new WebI Intelligence 4.3 that are essential to a smooth transition. It will also cover the design, functionality and flow of the new User Interface and how to use it effectively.

Course Topics:

Fundamentals of Query, Analysis and Data Representation in WebI 4.3

  • Define the question and retrieve data needed for your analysis using Universe as the data source
  • Navigate through the new Launchpad & new WebI 4.3 interface
  • Map & re-map data elements in WebI tables using new workflows
  • Explore new panels for applying basic formatting and sorting data in WebI tables
  • Extract deep insight using tools like Break, Section, Pivoting and Time dimensions in new 4.3 panels

Data Visualization and Interactivity with WebI 4.3

  • Configure and customize WebI charts to offer rich visual analytics using the new 4.3 panels
  • Create and plot geographical data, and customize the appearances to generate high impact
  • Filter data at various levels (query, report, blocks) of the document using new controls
  • Build formula and variables in the new editor with enhancements for ease of use
  • Facilitate easier navigation by grouping visualizations and aggregates on key attributes
  • Use new 4.3 workflows and interface to add interaction through simple and cascading Input Controls

Highly Dynamic and Appealing Enterprise Reporting Beyond ad-hoc Analysis

  • Include static data from Excel and Merge dimensions to synchronize with that from the Universe
  • Introduce a brand new 4.3 feature to design and use WebI document as the data source
  • Link report elements using an existing “Element Link” feature following WebI 4.3 workflow.
  • Apply more detail formatting and customization on various report elements
  • Bring life to WebI with the use of Ranking, Dynamic visibility logic and Pre-calculated cells
  • Prepare WebI document to be print-ready using various WebI 4.3 Display and Layout Settings
  • Understand scheduling and distribution features and setting up user preferences

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