Virtual: Using Webi 4.3 Like a Pro (Day 1)

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Module 1 – Acquiring Data in WebI 4.3

Need to structure your report with the right data? This session will cover the basic components of how to structure a report by pulling the right data from various data sources. It will also provide a summary of how to properly build a query and when to utilize query filters.

Major Topics Include:

  • Review Mockup
  • Fundamentals of WebI and Semantic layer
  • Queries & Filters
  • Time Dimension
  • Formula and Variables and best practices

Module 2 – Summarize your Data for Webi Reporting

One of the best practices in Webi is being able to summarize your data for reporting. This session will explore the use of tables in Web Intelligence based upon the circumstances in which summary to detail data can be displayed and utilized properly.

Major Topics Include:

  • Vertical, Horizontal, and Cross Tables
  • More Variables and Formula Building
  • Custom Sorting
  • Analytical features including Ranking

Module 3 – Basic Visualizations and Formatting

Get to know the basic visualizations in Webi along with the best formulas to help you organize your data. This session will demonstrate and discuss basic methods to organize data in a much more presentable way with charts. It will provide a more approachable way to understanding what data is being displayed with the use of Waterfall Graphs, Sales Funnel and more.

Major Topics Include:

  • Charts and Visualizations
  • Formulas and new enhancements in 4.3
  • Sales Funnel & Waterfall Chart
  • Advanced Formatting

View the Full Agenda:

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