Virtual: Using Webi 4.2 Like a Pro (Day 2)

MODULE 4 – Best Practice: Organizing your Data

Web Intelligence continues to update the ways in which you can provide a more organized set of data to end users. This session will give an overview of these intermediate features and when to best utilize them so that you can create content rich reports.

Major Topics Include:

• Conditional Formatting
• Sorting/Ranking
• Breaks & Sections
• Dynamic Reporting
• Assigned Reference

Module 5 – Advanced Visualizations and Formulas

Learn how to get the most out of your reports by exploring advanced visualizations and formulas in WebI. This session will take the audience through a variety of advanced visualizations, how and when the best time to use them, and different methods on interacting with the data associated with each chart type.

Major Topics Include:

• Geo-Maps
• Creating Alerts
• Chart Comments
• Heat Maps
• Open-Document Linking
• Trend Analysis

Module 6 – Wake up your WebI Report with Interactive Features

Wanting to access specific data without compromising useful information? This session will provide an
in-depth understanding of how to access specific data within a large data set without ridding a report of
useful information.

Major Topics Include:

• Cascading Input Controls
• Element Linking
• Drilling
• Time Dimensions

Full Course Agenda:

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