Virtual: Using Squirrel365 Like a Pro (Day 2)

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Course Description:

New to Squirrel365? New to Dashboards? Come one, come all and join the fun with Squirrel365. Through this two day course you will learn the ins and outs of the Squirrel365 standalone software. Starting from the basics and becoming more advanced with each exercise, you will walk out of this course with your head held high ready to take on the dashboarding world.

Intended Audience:

New and existing dashboard developers

Major Topics Include:

  • Learn Squirrel365 Standalone software
  • How to build interactive charts in Squirrel365
  • How to build interactive/Dynamic dashboards in Squirrel365
  • How to connect Dashboards to live data in Squirrel365
  • Tips and tricks to proper Dashboard Design/Building Dashboard Layouts


View the Full Agenda:

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Post-Conference Boot Camp