USPI’s COVID-19 PPE Dashboard at USPI

USPI was faced with a major challenge when COVID-19 started affecting the country in dramatic fashion.  Being a healthcare company on the front lines, with over 300 surgery centers and hospitals, real time reporting on data that didn’t currently exist in our data warehouse became the focal point of management.  Visibility into Staffing availability, patients with COVID-19 and medical supplies was crucial to getting through these challenging times.  USPI built a workflow to capture this critical data into the data warehouse as well as rolled out a Squirrel dashboard to report this data to all levels of the business on a daily basis.    This dashboard continues to evolve on a weekly basis as the business needs changes.  Using Business Objects as the data reporting tool and Squirrel as the dashboarding tool, USPI is able to keep up with these demands and continually modify what is being displayed.

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