Hands-On: Using Webi 4.2 Like a Pro – Day 3

This boot camp is designed for users and report designers that want to learn how to use Web Intelligence 4.2 in a whole new way – the way it has been redesigned to use in BI 4.2 – and need to learn to access, analyze, and share data using Web Intelligence. We will present real-life challenges and show you how you can use Web Intelligence to solve them.


MODULE 6 – Wake up your WebI Report with Interactive Features

Wanting to access specific data without compromising useful information? This session will provide an
in-depth understanding of how to access specific data within a large data set without ridding a report of
useful information.

Major Topics Include:

• Cascading Input Controls
• Element Linking
• Drilling
• Time Dimensions

MODULE 7 – Dive into your Data: Advanced Queries in WebI

This session will utilize more advanced features in Web Intelligence 4.2 by taking a deep dive into Advanced Queries and merging data.

Major Topics Include:

• Integrate Excel data
• Filtering a query with another query
• Merged Dimensions
• Subqueries
• Combined Queries

MODULE 8 – Merging WebI Reports from Different Data Sources

Learn the powerful new tool of intra-document linking, which will be reviewed in this session. Organizing this data presentably can also be tricky so a review of relative positioning will also be included. Take a look into document CSS capabilities to bring report customization to the next level. Finally, we’ll dive into the power of shared elements and how to save time by reusing logos, charts and tables

Major Topics Include:

• Intra-Document Linking
• Relative Positioning
• Cascading Style Sheets
• Shared Elements



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