SQL for Data Analysts – Beginner/Intermediate

Course Description

This hands-on course will introduce SQL and how it can be used to drive reports and dashboards. Attendees will learn how to write SQL queries, filter data, join tables, and perform various calculations.

Intended Audience:

Data analysts and report/dashboard developers who want to learn about the SQL language and how to write SQL queries to build custom data sets.


Familiarity with relational databases.

Major Topics:

  • SQL queries
  • Filtering data
  • Joining database tables
  • Aggregating data
  • Calculations and functions

Course Agenda

  • Introduction to SQL queries
    • SQL concepts and terminology
    • SQL query clauses and structures
    • Your first SELECT statement
  • Filtering data in a SQL query
    • Using the WHERE clause
    • The different methods for filtering text, numbers, and dates
  • Querying multiple tables
    • How to join multiple tables
    • Understanding different join types
  • Aggregating data in a SQL query
    • How to use the GROUP BY clause
    • SUM, COUNT, and COUNT/DISTINCT functions
    • Using the HAVING clause to filter by aggregate data
  • Calculating data in a SQL query
    • Using SQL functions
    • Conditional logic (if/then) using CASE statements
    • String concatenation
  • Other SQL concepts
    • Using the DISTINCT keyword
    • Assigning and using aliases
    • Tips for data validation, e.g. finding duplicates and missing data

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