How Web Intelligence Dashboards are bringing new Insights for a US Home Builder – A Case Study

When the marketing team of a well-known home-builder organization approached their BI team to create a visually rich and highly interactive report to highlight key marketing metrics, the BI team chose to leverage their existing SAP BOE platform and Web Intelligence to build a report that behaved like a dashboard. The prototype version of the Marketing Dashboard was received with a great amount of positive response by the business, and upon realizing its value, they submitted requests for additional elements and a plan to see it grow with subsequent phases.
The goal of the Marketing Dashboard was to provide guided navigation, starting with a high-level summary of four major KPIs at different org levels, and then drill down multiple levels to more granular detail. The project was a great success.
This session will discuss why Web Intelligence was chosen and show how the dashboards were designed and created and the benefits that the business is seeing as a result of their deployment.
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