Practical Use Cases Of Webi As A Data Source- A Brand New Feature Of BI 4.3

Many are looking forward to the latest BI 4.3 and the fresh new look of WebI 4.3. WebI 4.3 not only comes with a brand new look and feel and launchpad but also some great new functionalities. One of them is the ability to use the data model and data from an existing Web Intelligence document to build more WebI documents. In this session, you will get to see the process and the features of this new capability with demonstrations and examples. But more importantly, we will cover why this new addition is so powerful and how you can leverage it in your environment. This can be extremely useful and offer efficiency in many ways and the goal of this session is to go through several of those possible use cases. This session will help to understand and get ideas on how, and when to leverage the metadata and data of one master document in other documents.

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