Mastering Tableau in Two Days (Two Day Hands-On)

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Course Description

New to Tableau? Or recently started using Tableau at work? This 2-day course is designed for both needs and will be perfect to kick start your path to becoming a Tableau Developer!  We will cover the fundamentals of Tableau Desktop before diving deep into advanced concepts. After you get acquainted with Tableau’s User interface, we will jump into advanced concepts such as Table calculations, groups, bins, calculated fields & parameters. We will also walk you through how to quickly create visualizations using Ad-hoc dashboards and create a fully interactive dashboard. Introduction to Tableau Prep, Tableau server and integration with BusinessObjects will also be covered in this course.

Intended Audience:

Those looking to use Tableau in their organizations


Knowledge of Excel or any reporting tool

Major Topics:

Course Agenda

July 13th, Day 1

  • Introduction to Tableau
    • Tableau Desktop & Server Architecture
    • Connecting to Data and Types of connections
    • Combining, filtering and massaging data sources
    • Navigating Tableau’s User Interface
    • Basic Tableau Visualization
  • Tableau Visualizations – Chart Building
    • Show Me Charts & Chart Properties
    • Line & Area Charts – Single Axis & Dual Axis
    • Bar Charts – Stacked, bar in Bar, Bullet, Combo
    • Maps – Filled, Symbol, Heatmap
    • Misc Charts – Treemap, Scatter plot, Word cloud, Pareto Chart, Funnel chart
    • Chart formatting options
    • Worksheet formatting options
    • Mastering Reference Lines
    • Time Series
    • Trend and Forecasting
  • Sorting & Filtering
    • Top N & Bottom N
    • Conditional Filters & filters using calculations


July 14th, Day 2

  • Calculated Fields, Parameters, Groups & Hierarchies
    • Table calculations and calculated fields
    • Parameters & Dynamic Reference lines
    • Groups & Sets
  • Dashboards & Story boards
    • Introduction to Dashboards & Dashboard layouts
    • Combining worksheets into Dashboards and Storyboards
    • Hierarchies & Organizing Data fields
    • Dashboard Formatting
    • Dashboard Actions – Filter, Highlight and URL actions
    • Best practices for Dashboard design
  • Integration with BusinessObjects & Tableau
    • Connecting BusinessObjects Datasources to Tableau
    • Scheduling BusinessObjects data refreshes for Tableau dashboards
    • Tableau Dashboard Bursting

Register for this hands-on training course