Opening Keynote: Beyond What Is Visible

Business Intelligence has been on a journey for more than 3 decades to provide better insights into our data in order that we can make more informed decisions. There have been many successes over that time, yet we still appear to be searching for that hidden insight or nugget of information that we cannot see yet we know is there.

Yes, the technology has got better and with vastly improved hardware, machine learning, artificial intelligence and enhanced predictive models, we are starting to see some remarkable breakthroughs.

Yet, 30 years on, BusinessObjects remains the most widely used BI suite in the world but is used primarily for BI reporting and Excel remains the most widely used reporting tool.

So why are we still using BusinessObjects and Excel and how are we combining them with these newer technologies to see beyond what is visible?

Paul Grill, CEO of InfoSol, will answer these questions in his entertaining story-telling manner that will get you thinking about how you could be leveraging business Intelligence more.

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