IDT in a Day

Course Description:

A detailed look at building universe with the new IDT.    Learn about creating connections, building the data foundation layer, adding a business layer, and applying security profiles.  This one day hands on course will also explore features in IDT like creating List of Values (LOV’s), combining LOV’s with Parameters, Defining Context, adding aggregate awareness, and sharing projects within your organization.

Intended Audience:

This class is designed for technical analysts, or those first being introduced to Information Design Tool who are required to and looking to better understand what it takes to create the BusinessObjects Connections, Data Foundations and Business Layers as an interface to the data in a data warehouse, data mart, or database.

Major Topics Include:

  • IDT Overview
  • Creating Connections
  • Creating Projects
  • Applying Security Profiles
  • Adding Business Layers
  • The Data Foundation Layer
  • List of Values
  • LOV’s with parameters
  • Defining Context
  • Adding Aggregate Awareness
  • Sharing Projects

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