Building an Application to Automate Mass Maintenance for Webi at IDEX

At IDEX, in every Universe query created, we require two filters, (1) [Source Id] and (2) [Company Number] or [Business Code].  IDEX was combining two companies into one. With this change, there were 1600+ documents which would require changing the values in these query filters resulting in  2000+ queries to change – manually.
IDEX also uses JD Edwards as its standard ERP system with SAP BusinessObjects as the standard reporting tool.  To improve the speed of JDE + BO net new implementations, we created a standard set of 100+ WebI documents to ‘drop in-place’ for each implementation.   This means there are 100+ documents which require changing the values from prompted to predetermined in the query filters.
In both cases, it is a large manual effort required to change the values in the query filters.  An automated tool to make these changes would cut the effort dramatically. This case study will cover the creation and use of a new React-based desktop application to perform query updates for Webi in mass.
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