BusinessObjects and Tableau Integration

Course Description:

Are you interested in visualizing your BusinessObjects Data sources in Tableau? Want to find how Tableau can add value to your BI environment? This one-day training course will be perfect for BusinessObjects enthusiasts to embark on Tableau.  The topics covered in this course include connecting Tableau to various data sources, introducing various user interface options in Tableau, designing simple and complex charts & maps, visualizing Web Intelligence data in Tableau and creating dazzling dashboards and story boards. Learn what integration options are at your disposal and the best practices to visualize BusinessObjects content in Tableau. Automating the refresh schedules and distribution of Tableau + BusinessObjects content will also be covered. By end of the day, you will have a flashy dashboard from your BusinessObjects data.

Intended Audience:

BusinessObjects Report Developers and anyone wants to learn Tableau



Course Agenda

Day 1

Introduction to Tableau

-Connectors and Connection Types

-Combining, filtering and massaging data sources

-Navigating Tableau’s User Interface

Tableau Visualizations

-Show Me Charts & Chart Properties

-Custom Charts using Mark Cards

-Worksheet Formatting options

Calculated Fields, Parameters, Groups & Hierarchies

-Table calculations & Custom calculations

-Reference lines, groups and drill down with hierarchies

Dashboards & Story boards

-Introduction to Dashboard layouts

-Combining worksheets into Dashboards and Storyboards

-Best practices for Dashboard design

Scheduling Refreshes & Distributing Tableau Dashboards

-Scheduling BusinessObjects data refreshes for Tableau

-Tableau Dashboard Bursting

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