Business Intelligence – Insight into Data Visualization, Powerful Analytics

Web Intelligence is much more than just querying a database and displaying data in tabulations. Heavily formatted reports included with prominence features spawn massive user confidence and makes a huge difference with the goals of business intelligence – solving business problems and in-turn providing challenging/critical resolutions for multifaceted business needs.
The session will focus our insights on the Data Visualization and making the best use of the sources and features.
It will cover the following 3 Case Scenarios:
Case I: Co-location of the Global KPI’s to Comprehensive information.
This case projects the most promising capabilities for business needs in deriving the conclusions, corrections and identifying the Outliers.
Case 2: Enterprise Data Visualization – Challenges, Priorities and Massive volumes and addressing sub-reports with Report-to-Report Interface/Links.
Case 3: Auditing Universe, CMS Exports – Statistics, Monitoring, Object Utilization

Web Intelligence